IBPS Clerk Exam 2014 – Question Paper With Answer Sheet

What is the full form of NAV? – Net Asset Value

What is the use of KYC ? – Anti Money Laundring

Richard Flanagan is the citizen of which country?- Australia

What is the capital of saudi arabia? – Riyadh

Narendra modi is the second prime minister who gave speech in Hindi in UN, first was ? – Atal Bihari Vajpayee

What is the constituency of Nitin Gadkari?- Nagpur

Verge e mail provided by which company?- IBM

What is the currency of Brazil – Real

What is the full form of IPO? – Initial Public Offering

Who is the Science and Technology Minister ? – Harsh Vardhan

Air Force Day – 8th October

UNDP Headquarter – New York

Women Kabaddi Team got which medal in the recent Asian games? – Gold Medal

Seema Poonia related to which sports? – Discus Throw

Interest on Saving Account is given on ?– Daily basis

Who won Nobel Prize in Literature 2014 ?- Patrick Modiano

Tintu Luka related to which Sports? – Athletics

Who topped in Asian Games medals tally?– China

Which one is not a monetary tool? – Base Rate

Gujarat govt. declared Vadodara as ?– State Cultural Capital

What is the full form of GIGO? – Garbage In, Garbage Out

What is the full form of PDF?- Portable Document Format

MS DOS is – Command Based OS

What is the full form of BIOS ? – Basic Input Output System

What is the full form of ECS ? – Electronic Clearing System

What is the option to go at the end of the page? – Ctrl + End

Which of the following is an operating System ? – Windows 8

Which is the option to go to the first line of the page ? – Ctrl + home

What is the theme of SAARC smmit 2014?- ‘Deeper Integration for Peace and Prosperity’

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