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When you will frustrated with life these will be your questions :

What to do?

My Life is Boring ?

I don’t have any work / Job ?

I don’t have money and etc.

So answer is :

Why you are wasting time in these type of  messy things. Just grow up and do something which you can do. It might be help of your mom in kitchen, in li’l sisters study or help you father in their work  and Blab Bla Bla.

But the concern is do something. If you will do something hopefully you will get idea.

Today I met with a friend and he is irritating himself, So I told him do something and when you will busy in something you will be a successful person.

Here according to my life journey I learned Key Of Success Is “Do Something and Don’t do anything for money”. Because it’s only a medium of exchange so don’t waste your time to earn money just passionate about work and get success.

If you will do something, I am sure all the previously mentioned questions will be never come to your mind.

DON’T FORGET “Something Is Better Then Nothing”.

Rahul Negi (Your Friend)

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