RRB NTPC/CBT Exam 28 April 2016 G.K. Question & Answer – 2nd Shift

Q&A For all 28 april 2016 RRB NTPC / CBT Exam’s aspirants of 2ndt shift, Here all General Knowledge questions and answers of RRB CBT Exam 28 April 2016 2nd Shift.

RRB NTPC/CBT Exam 28 April 2016 G.K. Question & Answer – 2nd Shift

Q.1) Google tied up with which watch company for smart watch ?

Ans: TAG Heuer

Q.2) IRC satellite for which purpose ?

Ans: Awaited

Q.3) Rakesh Sharma was going to which yan aboard ?

Ans: Soyuz T-11

Q.4) 1st CW game established in ______.

Ans: Hamilton

Q.5) Output when methane gas is burnt? Co2 ,CO ,h20 etc

Ans: generates carbon dioxide (CO2), CH4 leaks & CH4 is 105 times worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas (GHG)

Q.6) Which is World’s first cashless country?

Ans: Sweden.

Q.7) Atom with the largest diameter________.

Ans:Cesium (Cs)

Q.8) In which year, Indian Hockey team won in the Olympic_______ .


Q.10) Clouds float in the sky because of their ______.

Ans: Low Density.

Q.11) .Who among the following was a cofounder of Swaraj party?

Ans: Motilal Nehru

Q.12) Real founder of Gupta dynasty?

Ans: Chandragupta 1

Q.13) .Gautam Buddha’s first sermon?

Ans: Sarnath.

Q.14) Godavari doesn’t pass through which if the following states?


Q.15) .Science that deals with diseases particularly of men?

Ans: Andrology.

Q.16) Alassane Ouattara is _____.

Ans: President of Ivory Coast

Q.17) Malaysian flag has how many line between two symbols? (18,19,21)

Ans: 14

Q.18) Worlds highly efficient CEO according to FORBES?

Ans: Awaited

Q.19) MS EXCEL has a function containing menu under menu called ______.

Ans: Awaited

Q.20) Full form of IPCC Is ______.

Ans: Intergovernmental Penal On Climate Change

Q.21) Which element in given options has highest atomic mass?

a) bromine b)chlorine c)fluorine d)iodine

Ans: iodine

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