RRB NTPC / CBT Exam April 28 2016 Questions ans Answers – 3rd Shift

Questions and answer key for all 28 april 2016 RRB NTPC / CBT Exam’s aspirants of 3rd shift, Here all General Knowledge questions and answers of RRB CBT Exam 28 April 2016 3rd Shift.

RRB NTPC / CBT Exam April 28 2016 Questions ans Answers - 3rd Shift

Q.1) Atomic number of oxygen ?

Ans. 8


Q.2) Subhash Chandra bose founded which party?

Ans. The Forward Bloc of the Indian National Congress was formed on 3 May 1939


Q.3) Last king of chola dynasty?

Ans. The last king of the dynasty wasRajendra Chola III and was defeated by Pandya KingMaravarman Kulasekara Pandyan I


Q.4) First summer olympic games?



Q.5) Statue of modi in britain, made by?

Ans.Basaveshwara statue (Not Confirmed)


Q.6) SAC headquarters located at?

Ans. Bolling Field (later Bolling AFB) in the District of Columbia.


Q.7)Last governor General of India ?

Ans. Rajagopalachari


Q.8) Kathakali belongs to which state?

Ans: Kerala


Q.9) Archery was introduced in olympics in which year?

Ans: 1900


Q.10) Cell found in plant not in animal?

Ans: chloroplasts


Q.11) First animal to enter space?

Ans: Laika


Q.12) Clinical thermometer invented by?

Ans: Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt


Q.13) Study of sand?

Ans: arenology


Q.14) Which year did the kyoto protocol start?

Ans: 1997


Q.15) Which country PM residence is known as Temple Tree?

Ans: Prime Minister of Sri Lanka


Q.16) In which space craft did Rakesh sharma travel?

Ans: Soyuz T-11


Q.17) Arundhathi roy belongs to which NGO?

Ans: NGO-ization

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