RRB CBT G.K. Questions & Answers Of 27 April 2016 Exam – 1st shift

G.K. (General Knowledge) Questions and answers for all RRB CBT Exam 27 april 2016’s aspirants. Questions ans answers of RRB CBT April 2016 Exam.

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general knowledge rrb cbt exam 27 april 2016

Q.1) Which element is used in nuclear fission to observe neurons?

Ans: Cadmium

Q.2) Among the following, Name the Indian PM, who is not worked as Chief minister?

Ans: Indira Gandhi

Q.3) Atoms having same number of electrons called as?

Ans: Isoelectronic

Q.4) Pankaj Advani bags 13th World Snooker Championship by defeating?

Ans: Yan Bingtao (China)

Q.5) Local name of Pakistan Parliament?

Ans: Majlis-e-Shoora

Q.6) Full form of CDM?

Ans: Cash Deposit Machine

Q.7) Venus mostly contains which gas?

Ans: carbon dioxide

Q.8) Normal human body temperature?

Ans: 98.6°F (37°C)

Q.9) Most intelligent mammal in the world?

Ans: Dolphins

Q.10)Which among the following is the largest network?

Ans: Indian Railway

Q.11) What is the capital city of Manipur?

Ans: Imphal

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