RRB CBT Exam 27 April 2016 G.K. Questions & Answers – 3rd Shift

For all RRB CBT Exam 27 april 2016’s aspirants, Here all General Knowledge questions and answers of RRB CBT Exam 27 April 2016 3rd Shift.

RRB CBT Exam 27 april 2016 questions and answers

Q.1) Mizoram capital?

Ans: Aizawl

Q.2) Priyanka Chopra wins people choice award 2016 for which serial?

Ans: Quantico

Q.3) No of countries in world T20 cup 2016 except hosting country?

Ans: 15

Q.4) Salt Satyagraha lead by which leader in tamilnadu?

Ans: C. Rajagopalachari

Q.5) What is the speed of light?

Ans: 299 792 458 m / s

Q.6) Distance between earth and sun?

Ans: 149.6 million km

Q.7) Official language of Goa?

Ans: Konkani

Q.8) First Lokayukt of BCCI?

Ans: Justice Ajit Prakash Shah

Q.9) Thomas cup related to?

Ans: Badminton

Q.10) AMRUT yojna named after?


Q.11) PM Modi introduced coin of 125 and 10 rupee in the memory of who among the following?

Ans: Dr BR Ambedkar

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