Plastic Bottles will be used to Develop Environment Friendly Toilets in a School

Now waste plastic bottles can be used in developing environment toilets. Which is really very good initiative which is started in a small school that is Manav Vikas School in Jamshedpur Jharkhand. Initially it is started in a single school but after successful experiment it will be expend to other schools. Toilet will be made of Plastic bottles and other waste materials. It will also work as reuse of waste plastics. This project have the target to complete before world Environment day which is coming on June 5th 2017. Deputy Collector Sanjay Kumar Pandey who was louded by the Authorities for the toilet project said that The facility is negligible when compare to number of student studying in it and therefor the environment friendly toilet project can be started from here.

Objective and How will be the toilet made

According to the project the toilet will be made using Waste plastic bottles, Sand , iron-ore , Slag ash. These plastic bottles will be collected from nearby colonies apartments, Restaurants by students. So this is good initiative towards the environment friendly constructions. Object of this project is to send the message in people that we can use the waste materials in many ways to save the environment.


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