Pranay Varada a Indian Origin American Student Won National geography Bee Competition

14 year old a Indian origin American Student Pranay Varanda Won National Geographic Bee Competition on may 18th 2017. This Competition is held every year since 1989 in America. Pranay Varada got 50000 US dollar as a scholarship and other prize. So its proud moment to all Indians as well that a Indian origin won this high level Competition which is organized every year by National Geographic. When he correctly identified the kunlun Mountain as the 1200 mile range that separate Taklimakan  from Tibetan Plateau. he was declared as the winner of this competition. Veda Bhattaram another Indian who also participate in this competition was at third position so it is proud moment to all of us. This question may be come on any competitive exam so you must know this internation news.

pranay Varada won Nat geo Bee Competition

pranay Varada won Nat geo Bee Competition

Indian American Won National Geographic Bee Competition

So as we have mentioned above that Pranay Varada was the winner of this competition and Another Indian American Student Veda Bhattaram from New Jersey was at third place where as in second place and Runner up of this competition was Thomas Wright. He also got prizes from national Geographic team.  For more information about National geographic Bee competition you can search over google and get latest info.


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