Indian Navy Basic Salary, Sailor Total Income, Incentives details

The Indian Naval officers are handed over the salaries according to their ranks and other factors respectively.

Career in Indian Navy

The main motive of navy is to defend the country against external threats through waters. It does not only defend the country through external threats but also provides smart intelligence information as regarded to defence matters from variety of sources.It also helps other civilian and defence forces a physical and platform support.The Navy provide a lot of opportunities to lot of young people as commanding officers in ships , pilots in aircraft and captains in fighter planes.Navy also provides offers in other fields like medical doctors and nurses,paramedicals, IT officers, observers, Technical officers and engineers,executive officer and submarine technical officers.


 Rank Pay Band / Scale GRADE PAY Military Pay Service
 Admiral/ Equivalent  90000  NULL  NULL
 Captain   PB-4/37400-67000   8700   6000
 Commander  Commander  8000   6000
 Commodore  PB-4/37400-67000   8900   6000
 Lieutenant   PB-3/15600-39100   6100   6000
 Lieutenant Commander  PB-3/15600-39100   6600   6600
 Rear Admiral  PB-4/37400-67000  PB-4/37400-67000  NULL
 Sub Lieutenant  PB-3/15600-39100  5400  6000
 VCNS/ C-IN-C/ Equivalent  APEX/80000  NULL  NULL
 Vice Admiral  HAG SCALE/67000-79000  NULL  NULL
 Vice Admiral and Equivalent  HAG+SCALE/75500-80000   NULL NULL

Indian Navy Officers Perks and Benefits

Aside from very high pay scale, Navy officers are also provided with great perks

  1. Medical facility for self and family for free
  2. Canteen facilities
  3. Ration facilities
  4. Mess / Club facilities
  5. Sports facilities
  6. Group Insurance
  7. Furnished Govt, Accomodarion at best location
  8. Pension with all benefits
  9. 60 days of paid annual leave
  10. 20 days of paid casual leave
  11. Leave Encashment upto 300 days

Allowances in Indian Navy

Allowances ranging from INR 400 to increasing up to 14000 per month are given to Naval Officers as verified according to their ranks.

 Allowance To whom granted Rate per month
 Driving  Ships/Clearance Drivers  600/1200
Flying   Qualified Aircrew   13500-21000
 Hard Area Officers Posted In Lakshadeep And Nicobar Islands 25% ofPay in Pay Band +Gp + Msp
 House Rent  Married Officers Not In Possession Of Govt.
 10%-30% Of Pay In Pay Band+Gp+Msp+Npa
(BASED On Classification Of Cities)
Instructional   Deputed As Instrutcor At Training Establishments/
Institutes Listed In Govt. Letter
 Marcos   Qualified As Marcos   13500-21000
 Sea Going  All Officers Serving Onboard Ships
 Submarine Qualified Submariner 13500-21000
 Technical Tier I Course Qualified/
Tier Ii Course Qualified
 3000/ 4500
 Transport Officers Commuting On Their
Own Arrangement
Uniform All Officers 24000 (Initial) &
7500 (Every 3 Yrs)

Indian Navy Sailors Salary

Rank Pay Band  Pay In Pay Band (Rs.) Grade Pay (Rs.) MSP (Rs.) ‘X’ Group Pay (Rs.)
 Apprentice   PB-1   5200 – 20200   2000   2000   1400
 Artificer V  PB-1  5200 – 20200 2400   2000   1400
 Artificer IV  PB-1  5200 – 20200 2800  2000  1400
 Art III – I  PB-2  9300-34800  3400  2000 1400
 Chief/Art  PB-2  9300-34800  4200  2000  1400
 MCPO II  PB-2  9300-34800  4600  2000  1400
 MCPO I   PB-2   9300-34800   4800   2000   1400

Rank wise pay scale of ‘Y’ Group (SSR/MR/NMR)

Rank Pay Band  Pay In Pay Band (Rs.) Grade Pay (Rs.) MSP (Rs.)
 Seaman II  PB-1  5200 – 20200  2000  2000
 Seaman I  PB-1  5200 – 20200  2400  2000
 Leading Seaman  PB-1  5200 – 20200  2800  2000
 Petty Officer  PB-1  5200 – 20200  2800  2000
 Chief Petty Officer  PB-2  9300-34800  4200 2000
 MCPO II PB-2  9300-34800  4600   2000
 MCPO I  PB-2  9300-34800  4800  2000

Indian Navy Ranks

Indian Navy holds a solid hierarchy of ranks allotted to officers which commands authority and is a career ladder to climb sternly.

  • Admiral of fleet (Honorary-wartime rank)
  • Admiral
  • Vice admiral
  • Rear admiral
  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Sublieutenant
  • JCO Officer Ranks
  • Master cheif petty officer 1st class
  • Master cheif petty officer 2nd class
  • Cheif petty officer
  • Petty officer
  • Seaman 1
  • Seanab 2

Educational Qualification to Join Indian Navy :

To join Indian Navy you have to pass NDA (National Defence Academy) Entrance Exam conducted by UPSC.

Other Qualifications Include;

Unmarried Male

Should have passed 12th class examinations with Physics,Chemistry and Maths

Should be between 16.5 to 19 years of age

Educational Qualification for Women’s to Join Indian Navy :

Should be between 21-25 years of age

Should have upto 50% of marks in Mathematics ( Bsc) or Physics (Bsc) or Computer

Application or B.Eng or in Mathematics and Electronics

Indian Navy Engineering Wing Qualification:

19-25 years of age as based on different wings

BTech\BE in Mechanics\Aerospace Engg\Naval Architecture\Civil

Engg\Mechanical Engg

Indian Naval Commands

Western Naval Command

The Western Naval Command whose headquarters are in Mumbai is controlled by or headed by Flag Officer Commanding In Chief ,its other units and authorities are in Gujarat,Karwar,Goa and Mumbai.

Eastern Naval Command

The Eastern Naval Command headquarters can be located at Vishakapatnam and it headed by Flag Officer Commanding In Chief and its other units and authorities are in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal.

Southern Naval Command

The Southern Naval Command headquarters are located in Kochi,and is headed by Flag Officer Commander In Chief and its units and authorities are in Goa, Chilka, Coimbatore, Ezhimala, Goa,  Jamnagar, Lonavala, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Kochi.

Other Important Headlines

Largest ‘Make in India’ deal for naval utility choppers of Rs.20K-cr
A proposal that has taken in mind to Ministry of Defence that Navy requires 110 naval utility choppers and according of reports 94 had to be made in India making it the biggest ‘Make In India’ and the amount of Rs.20K cr. is estimated . There are 11 companies involved in this project including Mahindra, Tata, L&T and Reliance are responded by initial information.

Salaries, Allowances and Perks are subject to change with prior notice. 

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