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Essay on Holi Festival

Holi is a religious Festival celebrated by hindus every year across the world. This festival is celebrated by peoples all country, where hindu people lives. It’s mostly celebrated in india, but apart from india the Holi (Festival of colours) celebrated in Nepal with lot’s of happiness and joy.

Holi Short Essay

Holi is the one of the most famous festival of colours. Which is celebrated every year in March Month according to Hindu calendar it comes at month (Falgun) by the Hindu religion. The Festival Holi is celebrated with lot’s of joy and enthusiasm as the festival brings feelings of love, closeness. In this festival Colourful colours are spread out by the people over each other. On this day people meets with their relatives, friends and neighbours, they handshake, hug and apply dry colour to forehead and chicks of each other. They dry colour which is used in Holi Festival called as Abeer. On this festival we sing songs with musical instruments like Kirtal, Dholak the song which are sung at holi called as fagua geet. On this special day of the year we eat sweets, chips, Papad, Halwa and last but not least Gujiya one of the best sweet dish of this festival. People also send this sweet dish to their relatives and spread lot’s of love and wish them Happy Holi.

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Holi Essay, Short & Long

Holi Essay (150 Words)

Holi is one of the best festival celebrated in India. It is celebrated just like Diwali (A festival of Lights and Crackers celebrated in India). Each year the festival celebrated in Falgun (March) Month of every year, the festival indicates beginning of the spring season. Behind this festival there is a long history and an interesting Story. Long years ago according to hindu religion there was a lady holika, which was a devil’s sister the Devil name was Hiranyakashyap. The devil’s sister Holika tried to burn Prahalad (Which was a great devotee of God Vishnu) . God saved to Prahalad from fire to burn. The Holika went convert to ashes after burn to fire. From that day Hindu people celebrate this festival holi. It shows victory on the devil power. In India Holi is celebrated as a public holiday all the schools, colleges, offices and banks closed on this day. The holi is celebrated whole day from the last night when holika born at fire. People spread colours to each other and happily celebrate this festival.

Holi Essay Descriptive for Students, Children’s

Holi is a great festival observed on the falgun month (March) with all hindu peoples in India and outside the India. The festival is known as a festival of love and joy. Behind this festival’s celebration there are a reason, legends, beliefs. Long years ago a cruel king lived in India which was a devil called as Hiranyakashyap, this story have two main characters Holika and the Prahlad son of King. The Prahlad was a true devotee of God Vishnu. While in the kingdom of his father Hiranyakashyap was worshiped by peoples of kingdom. The king thought and believes he is only God in the earth that’s why he hate God. Once her sister named Holika tried to burn Prahlad, because the king and her sister hate prahlad due to her devotion with God. The king was very angry on his son, and he allows holika to burn his son into fire, because Holika had a boon from God, she will never burn with fire. After that she took Prahlad over the lap and sit over the fire. By the Power of Truthness and God the Holika were born in fire while Prahlad was alive. Holika converted into ashes and the Prahlad saved by Lord Vishnu. This is the myth behind celebration of Holi. All the People celebrate Holi with full of joy and by spreading colours, applying colours to each others. People also meet and hug each others, eat delicious sweets, chips, papad and lot’s of delicious food. All peoples meet with their neighbours, relatives, friends and others. They also apply colours with each other over forehead and chicks. Many people play with dry colours named as Abeer and water colours by spreading to each other.
A day before colourful celebration of Holi, people burn woods and co-dung cakes into fire at night. People follow the some ritual rules to burn the holika at night and they worshiped it before burning into the fire. People strongly believed it shows victory on the devil’s power. Next morning people play with colours some dry colours and water-colors. People fill colours into pichkari and balloons. After feeling colours they through each others and it makes lot’s of joy and fun. All people celebrate and enjoy this festival by sharing sweets, spreading colours and singing the Holi songs. There people hug, meet, apply colours each others and do lot’s of loving activities to each other to spread a message of love & unity with each other. This is celebrated as a Public Holiday on this day all Schools, Colleges, Universities and offices closed so people can celebrated Holi.
Wish you a Happy Holi and your family, there was some information of Holi and it’s celebration for school going kids, children to complete their homework of Holi vacation. So let’s enjoy the holi with no worry.

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