How to Crack IBPS PO (Probationary Officer) 2018 Exam?

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is an agency of India, which conduct examination for banking sectors exam like Probationary Officer (PO), to select best candidates. IBPS was started in 1975 as  Personnel Selection Services (PSS). From previous years banks are changing their selection pattern i.e. it has introduced two tiers(prelim and main), and now days exams are getting tougher and tricky day by day. So it is not like college or school life experience of one night preparation before the exam. Some of the candidates may tell you that they have prepared for the exam during 15-20 days before the examination ,so don’t get in anybody words , you know yourself very well ,so prepare your own strategy for the preparation of the examination. Do not get demotivated of the final selection as only 10% out of 100% managed to get selected, it is not the matter of concern.

Through few years IBPS is keen on allotting for common recruitment in 19 public sectors except SBI and RBI etc. and various other banks. So the question is How we can crack IBPS PO 2017 Examination or How to crack Bank exams. There is simple eligibility criteria  of graduation that has made bank a very ambitious area for the candidates to get the job in and has open many doors for career opportunities.Here we have compiled top qualities that every applicant must require for the jobs in public sectors.How to Crack IBPS PO Exam

  • Candidates should have organised mind
  • Good Communication Skills
  • He/She should be Efficient
  • Good mathematical ability is must
  • Quick Learning ability
  • Leadership Quality is must
  • Management

Best Practice : How to Crack IBPS PO (Probationary Officer) 2017 Exam?



Many candidates doesn’t even know what is their aim?

Many candidates just fill up the form and appear in the examination and they do not know what to do.

During preparation for competitive examination

Many candidates are afraid of English sections and many are afraid of only 1 or 2 sections.

Join coaching institute for preparation

Many candidates join coaching centres for time pass and engage themselves with other social networking websites.

Candidates buy Online Mock Test but do not take it seriously

how to crack ibps po exam 2017

prelims and mains how to crack ibps po exam 2017

These candidates never analyse their performance in online test.

Few fails, because of their over confidence

So be aware of all these barriers. With great preparation,proper strategy and plenty of self study it will be easy for you to crack IBPS PO Exams in 2 months.

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Know where you stand!| Crack IBPS PO Exam

how to crack ibps po exam 2017

prelims and mains how to crack ibps po exam 2017

In the beginning take a deep analysis of yourself, What are your strengths? What are you good at? Where do you need more time to practise? you can analysis these things by taking up an online mock test.


Take the test as though you were answering the real one.

Applicants should take it seriously , and then when you are done , see the patterns of your result. Are you weak in vocabulary? What key points come up? Do you take more time in reading comprehension?Do you have a great quantitative fundamentals?Are you able to complete the mock test before the given time ? Do you get nervous?

Key factors to watch on –

(i) Mock tests help in you own way.

(ii) Do not take mock test lightly.take it as if its the actual test.

(iii) Don’t take tests for the sake of taking tests.

(iv) These test will never tell you how good you are, but they will help you in telling how better you will be.

(v) If you want to understand your strengths and weakness, analyse these tests properly.

(vi) Keep a deep look on your mistakes, and don’t make habit of repeating them.

(vii) Take a good notice of your area of strength.

Don’t demotivate with Mocks Test score –

See the mock test doesn’t matter much, these mock tests are only to analyse you weak points and how you can improve. It is common mentality in every candidates mind is that if they  score low marks in mock test it is a waste of time in preparation, and they will never qualify for the exams.

You get to know your strong and weak areas

  • Good Speed, Good Accuracy: If you are already good , then also keep practising.
  •  Good Speed, Bad Accuracy: Take a deep look at your answer sheets. Where is the mistake happening? If there is a pattern. Assess it and improve.
  • Bad Speed, Bad Accuracy: You should put more focus in this section,research on easy tips and techniques to improve in this type of questions.
  • Bad Speed, Good Accuracy:Practise hard , this will make your speed better,keep practising these questions by setting timer,try to apply shortcut tricks, prepare better strategies .

How to master in English Section?

how to crack ibps po exam 2017

prelims and mains how to crack ibps po exam 2017

  • Try to learn English in a easy way and start reading books like Word Power.
  • Yo can assign hard words to practise for you day with English.
  • Try to improve you context skills.
  • Try to improve your accent.
  • Play word games online or board games like scrabble.
  • Practise vocabulary tests and keen about learning new words.
  • Read books, comprehension, newspaper of varying length

How to master in Quant Section?

how to crack ibps po exam 2017

How to Master In English Section

  • These skills includes speed and accuracy.
  • It also includes ability to perform simple and complex calculations.
  • In this pacing is important aspect.
  • Do not waste time in a few question while missing out on the rest.

How to master in brain trauma section?

how to crack ibps po exam 2017

prelims and mains how to crack ibps po exam 2017

This section has no practical application in banking jobs . This section mainly focuses on how you think, approach and how you solve the situation in less time. This acquires a lt of practise.You will yourself find a way out to several others to solve coding decoding, input output etc.

How to master in Computer Section?

how to crack ibps po exam 2017

prelims and mains how to crack ibps po exam 2017

If you want to score good marks in this section try to solve daily quizzes and red books like Arihant and Kiran Publications.

How to master in GK Section?

how to crack ibps po exam 2017

prelims and mains how to crack ibps po exam 2017

  • Make a habit of reading newspapers daily
  • Read the “Times of India”, “The Hindu” etc.
  • Keep an eye o what’s happening around the world.
  • Go through the magazines leading to the current affairs and general knowledge.
  • Follow news channels at least once a day.
  • Go through Banking Drive and Soul Of Banking Awareness for Banking Awareness.
  • Use internet resources like Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Wikipedia etc.
  • Follow daily GK Updates , Gk digest and play Gk games online.

At last – IBPS PO Preparation

  • Online exams is a way which needs smartness and preparation.
  • Try to crack bank exams.
  • If you will do hard work it will always repays you, hard work never goes waste.
  • Don’t take what society says, just do what you feel morally right and good.
  • As it is said failures make success, don’t matter how many times you fail, just learn from your mistakes.
  • Basics are most important some realises earlier , some later.

CONCLUSION of How to Crack IBPS PO (Probationary Officer) 2017 Exam?

how to crack ibps po exam 2017

how to crack ibps po exam 2017

Candidates who are forward to involve in exam preparation for banking jobs like Clerk, PO and SO should thoroughly read the articles as one to become Probationary Officer. Here we have discussed How to crack bank po probationary officer examination. As the banking sectors are growing one of the most auspicious sectors in upcoming days  and has been also supported by Govt. scheme like Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna . Candidates who are forward to make career in baking sectors prefer to public sectors by qualifying the examination that is conducted by IBPS, RBI, SBI and other organisations.

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